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Should I sell from my website?

The twenty-first century has given a boom to online selling. Ecommerce has seen a shift that is quite encouraging for the entities that want to sell online. Websites are frequently turning into storefronts and sales funnels, with more and more sellers trying to make a mark. Amazon, Ali-baba, Shopify, Etsy, and many more are making […]

How often should I update my website?

You must have developed a website to present your business in the best possible way. You could have put the most creative content along with gorgeous graphics. But it is vital to remember that everything has an expiry date. You cannot continue selling new items with outdated content. Similarly, it is hard to stick with […]

Do I really need SEO?

A whole lot of buzz about SEO can be heard loud and clear nowadays. It is not about optimization alone but rather about selling and marketing. Business entities are rapidly shifting to digital marketing, and this is where the optimization process comes into the act with full force. Digital marketing is incomplete without appropriate search […]

What is a sales funnel? How to create an effective sales funnel?

A sales funnel can be taken as a process involved in closing a sale. It takes prospects step by step towards decision making. It serves prospective customers as well as the selling entities. It is vital to know that not every sales funnel can prove productive as only an effective one will serve the purpose. […]

How to update your WordPress website?

Updating a software tool is always a fine idea. Updating an app or a website can certainly enhance the speed and stability of a software tool. Tell you what; swiftness is vital in an ever-changing information technology world. This is why entities keep working on updates and the optimization process. Every individual understands the value […]

5 most popular website shopping carts

The digital transformation was going on at a rapid rate, but covid-19 has certainly paced it up even further. People had to buy online for an extensive period of time. The trend seems to have been changing the mode of shopping permanently. Online shopping is new normal for modern-age people. And, this is where already […]

5 most popular website apps in 2020

It is the age of information technology as more and more business entities are switching to online platforms. In fact, many tech giants believe that a business entity will simply vanish without having appropriate online space in the near future. Website and apps development has become imperative for business entities. Unlike conventional modes of purchasing, […]

Importance of updating your website

Creativity and ambition drive your success when it comes to website development. It is your consistent commitment to improvement that keeps you growing with the ever-changing tech world. We are going through the technology era where everything has transformed and is fast changing. People, as well as businesses, are shifting online, and a website has […]

Types OF TLDs And How They Are Used

As a website owner, you probably know how important coming up with a domain name is. It plays a big role in identifying the success of your online presence. Domain name is the name given to your website. Basically, it is the combination of letters, numbers and characters that your users input into their URL […]

Some Of The Most Important Plugins You Need To Install On Your CMS

As of February 2020, almost 20% or 455 million websites are using WordPress to manage their pages. And to help these people design, maintain and update their websites regularly, they install plugins to help them do various jobs easier and faster. There are various types of plugins you can install on your WordPress admin panel […]