How To Generate Backlinks And Why They Are Important For Your Website

Backlinks are important factors in SEO and in ranking on top of search results. Bloggers, and those who consistently post articles and newsletters on their website, might know how important backlinks are in growing traffic and in increasing web visitors.

For those who are not familiar with backlinks, they are basically links from one website to another. Just like how you mention friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter, backlinks are somewhat the same for websites. Most of the time, blog posts are linked in an article where it plays a vital role in providing more information about a topic. The more relevant and up-to-date your blog posts are, the more backlinks you get.

When it comes to SEO, search engines such as Google and Bing filter articles that have more backlinks to put on top of search results. This is because blog posts with more backlinks are more notable, reliable and credible. Hence, they are more worthy of appearing on searches made by internet users.

It is easier to earn backlinks if you are already a known blogger because you can do guest blogging, people may write testimonials about you, even pay to promote your contents and have yourself contacted for an interview or appearance. But here are a variety of ways from which new bloggers and website owners can generate more backlinks on their posts and websites.

First is you need to be able to write about current trends that are relevant to your website. You can do this by researching topics and subjects that are usually discussed by your audience in their community. There are various Facebook groups that you can join in or online discussions on different social media platforms and portals. You can also look at the most followed hashtags online or take a look at the problems and needs of your target audience. For example, if you are a mom blogger who writes about parenthood and household management, you can visit communities where topics about first time moms are usually discussed. Look for the most liked or commented posts and take some inspiration from it. You can also ask your audience about their personal dilemma and write something out of it.

Looking at your competitors’ website can also help you identify topics to write. Researching can make your write-ups more relevant to your audience.

Another way is to create more infographic contents. One of the most popular ways of getting backlinks is through creating infographic contents. These are a combination or collection of images, texts, symbols, icons, charts, graphs and many more; and are used to give readers or viewers a much easier way to understand topics. Infographics are often linked in other blogs and articles because it contributes a lot to the better understanding of a written work. Bloggers usually look for contents that could make their topic easier for their viewers to comprehend. And infographics does a fantastic job of providing such information.

Keyword search can also be helpful when it comes to generating backlinks. Keywords are phrases or words that internet users input on Google when they are searching for an information. And adding keywords to your blog post can make your content relevant and noticeable. There are keyword search tools that are free to use online. You just have to look for those that are related to your subject area. Most bloggers and website owners also input keywords on their posts to optimize their content. Who knows? Other content creators might notice you and link your content on their own article.

Doing something good to others always results in receiving something good as well. So linking another article on your own blog post can help you generate more backlinks as well. Building external links are already proven to bring success on websites. You can insert links on any word and phrase inside your own blog post smoothly. With a linking structure that is carefully built on your articles, it can help your users understand the topic of discussion better and may help your own articles be noticed. On the other hand, internal linking is helpful as well. If external links are from other blog posts, internal links are from pages on your own website. It can help your users navigate smoothly through your pages while making sure that they stay on your website all the time.

Building a website first is crucial when starting your blogging career. You can do it on your own or receive some services from website providers. HTTPSimple can be your dedicated website partner who can help you with tasks that can bring you more backlinks and traffic.

There is also something called toxic backlinks. And to know more about it, you can read this article below.

Toxic backlinks are potentially harmful links coming from other websites that affect the ranking of your website. Sometimes, site owners use link building schemes to manipulate Google’s PageRank.

Some of these links are created organically. This makes them even more challenging to differentiate from the good links. But it doesn’t have to be that hard.

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By: Anuja Lath, BBN Times

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