Important Metrics You Need To Measure To Track The Success Of Your Website

When posting articles or newsletters on your blogging website you need to be able to track important metrics to measure the reach or success of your contents. Especially if you own a blog and the purpose of your website is to monetize contents. Because the goal is to not just have people visit your page but to have them engaged with your contents as well.

These data may help you analyze if your contents are relevant to visitors which would then help you to change, improve or retract your tools and techniques. With this being said, here some important metrics that you should be tracking to make sure that your blog and website is seen.

First is your site speed. One of the factors that search engines, such as Google and Bing, use whenever they filter search results, is the speed of your website. That’s why it is important to track your website to ensure SEO. Depending on the internet speed of your visitors, the maximum time that your website contents should be fully loaded is less than three seconds. Google aims for half a second loading speed but the threshold loading time for e-commerce websites is two seconds at max. Visitors are likely to leave your site when it loads too slow. There are several free speed test tools that you can use online to track your website. Just search for one and conduct your test.

It is also important to track inbound links or backlinks. The more backlinks you get, the more you are likely to be on top of search results. Backlinks are like votes given to your contents which search engines use to identify the relevance of your website to the keyword that your users input on their search bars. Backlinks are necessary if you want to build SEO for your website. You can use Google Analytics, Ubersuggest or Ahrefs to track and measure your backlinks. With the backlink data that you have, you will be able to measure your website’s authority on the internet.

Another important data that you should have for your website is your page views. These are the total number of times the pages of your website are viewed or refreshed on a specific period of time. If a user visits more than one page of your website, they are counted as additional page views. 500 hundred views a month would be fantastic but you can upload more content to increase your page views. You can do this by studying your audience more and identify topics that are relevant to them. Relatable contents would surely drive your users to your website.

Of course, your blog won’t be existing without a community. That’s why you also have to track the number of your blog subscribers from time to time. Having a big fan base just means that your contents are effective and a lot of people are anticipating for it. You may want to have a consistent posting schedule so that people can have something to look forward to. Your subscriber count might decline or increase from time to time but this should not stop you from creating more contents. People may change their preference from time to time that’s why it is important to create flexible contents that would be suitable for many. Your subscriber data can help you recalibrate and improve your contents.

Tracking your impact to people online is also important. You can do this by collecting and analyzing the data or number of your returning visitors. A higher number of returning visitors means that your content is worth their time. Of course having new and one-time visitors is not bad at all but this could mean that your contents are not just relevant to them. Identify which contents brought you more returning visitors. Those contents might help you identify which topics or subjects are relevant to your web visitors.

If you are running a business website and you need to track your data and analyze them, HTTPSimple can help you. We can do tasks that could help you improve your online presence and up your marketing game.

Here are some speed test tools you can use to measure your website’s loading speed.

Website speed tests have become increasingly important for marketing, and web development. While there was always supposed to be understanding that it was better to load up your website fast for users, this hasn’t always been taken on board by website developers.

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By: Brian Turner, Techradar

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