Most Common Reasons Why Your Website Is Running Slow

Your website’s loading speed contributes a lot to the overall success of your online game. Especially if the purpose of your website is to promote and sell your products and services.

Just a few seconds of delay may affect your website traffic, SEO and even customer impression. Web visitors are most likely to leave your website if it loads for more than three seconds, depending on your customers’ internet speed and connection.

You won’t be able to resolve issues regarding your website’s loading speed without looking at the possible cause of it. With that being said, here are some, but not limited to, reasons why your website’s loading speed is slow.

First reason is your server’s performance. Your web server might be having trouble delivering your website information to your visitors’ browser. The poor performance of your server might be caused by other websites who you share the server with. It all comes down to the quality of the web host that you purchase. If your website is generating traffic you might want to consider buying a dedicated server rather than a shared one. The web is a shared space already and sharing another space in your server might already cause you some trouble. Shared-server hosting can also work for websites that do not generate that much traffic but having a dedicated host can keep you away from problems like this.

You create your website to generate traffic but too much traffic can already cause you some trouble. Web traffic is from the number of web visitors who have entered your pages in a given period of time. And if there are too many users who are trying to penetrate your website at once, it may cause you some trouble. Now the solution for this one, again, is to have your website hosted on a dedicated server. There are tons of managed and dedicated hosting providers on the internet nowadays. With dedicated hosting, someone who has experience with web development will be handling your website, updating and maintaining it, to make sure that everything is going well. It might be a little pricier than shared servers but the quality is ensured and it is proven to generate and handle more traffic.

Too much content can also cause a slowdown to your website. If you have contents from way before or elements that have been on your website for a long time, it can drag your website and slow it down. That’s why it is important to sort, organize and update your contents from time to time. Remove contents that you think are not relevant anymore and if they are still important you can just update it. Another trick is to zip your contents to make delivery of information quicker and easier. Too much JavaScript, CSS and image files may result in excessive HTTP requests. Using software, programs and plugins can also help you update and organize your website contents.

Your website may also be lacking a CDN. A Content Distribution Network (CDN), is a distributed network of independent servers located in a number of geographical locations. With CDN, your server load will decrease, content delivery will become faster, audience segmentation becomes easier, there will be a lower network latency and packet loss, a higher availability and better usage analytics as well as better security and storage. Over-all, aside from helping your website load faster, it can help your online performance through improving the delivery of your information from server to client. There are CDNs available online that you can use for WordPress and other CMS.

Again, these are just a few reasons, the most common ones, why your website is running slow. You might need to search for more or run a few tests to identify the true cause of your website speed problems. If your website is slowing down because of a shared server, why don’t you try our services? HTTPSimple is a dedicated web host provider who gives services to websites that need more space because of heavy traffic. Moreover, we perform various tasks such as updating and maintaining your website to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Here are more reasons why your website is running slow and how to fix them.

But behind the scenes, hundreds of requests are instantly pinged around the world to bring you the images and text. There’s a lot going on in those few short seconds, and there’s a lot that can go wrong.

Things can start to slow down, taking your website with it.

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By: Daren Low,

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