SEO: The Importance Of Auditing And Updating

SEO Update And Audit

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Search engines such as Google and Bing, constantly change their standards when it comes to ranking websites appearing on search results. This kind of update requires businesses to keep track of their websites to make sure that their pages and links are always active online.

Keeping track of the status of your SEO could be done through auditing. SEO auditing is a good marketing strategy especially for business starters because it is a big help in identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and in planning ahead. With your audited SEO data, you’ll be able to make marketing strategies. You can either retain those that work or create a new one and replace those that are not working well for your business.

Monitoring your SEO is not an easy task but it is really important and helpful. Because adapting to SEO updates means success and a higher search result rank for your website. A lot of companies offer SEO auditing services and only a few really excel in such a task.

HTTPSimple, aside from website maintenance and updates, also offers SEO auditing services for a reliable price. We offer quality auditing services to our clients and it helps them in running their businesses. Aside from SEO auditing, various tasks such as web design and illustrations are also offered. You can also request tasks depending on the package that you will be purchasing from us.

Here is something that could help you in keeping track of your business’ SEO. Take a look at this article from Forbes.

Designing a marketing strategy that is focused on the journey of your customer is useful when you integrate it with your SEO efforts. While SEO ranking factors can change, paid marketing efforts can fill the gap — when you integrate them properly.

Use your SEO efforts to create a map of your customer journey, and identify the areas where your paid marketing efforts fit in. This is incredibly important when you’re conducting an annual SEO audit, as it shows you which keywords are driving your primary traffic. Use this data to focus your efforts and create valuable content that delivers what your audience is looking for.

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By: Curt Doherty, Forbes

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