Some Of The Most Important Plugins You Need To Install On Your CMS

As of February 2020, almost 20% or 455 million websites are using WordPress to manage their pages. And to help these people design, maintain and update their websites regularly, they install plugins to help them do various jobs easier and faster.

There are various types of plugins you can install on your WordPress admin panel and here are some of them.

First are SEO plugins. These are probably the most common and most used WordPress plugin. These help you optimize your website contents such as articles, titles, subtitles and many more. Improving your SEO is essential especially for business websites because it helps your pages become more visible. A more optimized website can appear higher on search results and can help drive traffic into your website. Inserting meta tags, descriptions and titles can be done manually but installing a plugin automatizes the job and helps you finish your optimization in a few minutes. Yoast SEO is the commonly used SEO plugin in WordPress but you can also use others such as SEMRush and Google Search Console. You can get these services for free but it is better to upgrade your plan which can reach up to $70.00 or more.

Another important must have plugin is an analytics tool. Every web owner needs to know where their website is going. As a matter of fact, tracking your links and knowing your progress are key aspects into the success of your online marketing game. Knowing the data and numbers about your website can help you make decisions and formulate strategies for your future marketing tactics. Website analytics tools help you easily collect and organize the number of traffic and every data related into presenting the overall performance of your links and pages over a given period of time. Some helpful tools are Google Analytics plugin and Jetpack.

Creating your own website design and interface is a tiring job. That’s why design and theme plugins are there to help you create your website easier and faster. With tons of designs and themes installed, you can have your pages look trendy and sleek in just a few clicks. The number of themes depends on your subscription. Sometimes it’s free but you have to pay to get the best theme for your own website.

Caching tools are also essential plugins to make sure that your website provides the best experience to your web visitors. As speed is one of the most critical aspects of your website, visitors might get irritated and leave your website if your pages are loading slowly. Caching is basically saving your data on a site so it becomes easier to access later on. It helps in reducing the amount of reloading. Thus, increasing your page loading speed. Caching tools help you control which contents are to be cached and how often it should be done. Although optimization is still the best way to make sure that your website is not slowing down, caching tools are helpful to increase your loading speed. It may cost you around free-$50 a month depending on the services that you need and avail. You can check out WP Rocket or LiteSpeed Cache if you need one.

If you have been running your website for quite a time, you probably know that subscriptions always work to attract people from buying into your website. From newsletters to update subscriptions, these can help you increase the number of loyal customers on your online store. There are subscription plugins such as WP Subscriber Pro that you can use to have your web visitors sign up for updates. You can also use their data for future email marketing campaigns if you plan to do so.

You need to be wise when choosing a plugin that you will install on your own website. Some can be free but you can’t bring out the best out of them. There are also plugins that can provide you multiple services. It already has analytics, SEO and even designs and themes installed in one. Do your research and make sure to make out of every plugin you install. Have a dedicated budget you can refer to in order for you to make sure that you can pay everything when it’s already time to settle your payment. Just like print and TV ads, online marketing isn’t free and you need to invest on it too.

Here at HTTPSimple, we provide managed WordPress hosting. From updating, maintenance and security services, we can be your website partner. You don’t have to worry about these plugins anymore because we will do the job for you while you focus on some other parts of your business. We can provide other services such as SEO auditing too. It all depends on your chosen package.

Here are WordPress plugins you can install on your own admin panel to visualize and organize your website data.

Those who use WordPress for CMS-based website making and blogging are now able to easily leverage the benefits of data visualization through graphs and charts on the blogs by using some additional WP plug-ins for this purpose. There are actually countless plug-ins by the WP partners and in addition independent third-party providers which you yourself can try for data visualization.

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By: Debbie Fong, Digital Market News
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