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Types OF TLDs And How They Are Used

As a website owner, you probably know how important coming up with a domain name is. It plays a big role in identifying the success of your online presence. Domain name is the name given to your website. Basically, it is the combination of letters, numbers and characters that your users input into their URL […]

Most Common Reasons Why Your Website Is Running Slow

Your website’s loading speed contributes a lot to the overall success of your online game. Especially if the purpose of your website is to promote and sell your products and services. Just a few seconds of delay may affect your website traffic, SEO and even customer impression. Web visitors are most likely to leave your […]

Web Hosting Services That Are Best For Starting And Small Businesses

If you are starting a website for your own business, one of the few important things you need to decide on is choosing where to host your website. It is where all of your website files are stored in one location. There are various types of web hosting services that you can find online. But […]

Things To Consider When Choosing A Domain Name For Your Website

A domain name is basically your website name. Think of it as an address that users input on their URL bars to access your website. It is used for finding and identifying computers on the internet. Computers use a series of numbers called an IP address but because it is difficult to remember these combinations, […]

How To Make Sure That Your Website Is Safe And Secure From Threats Online

Keeping your website secure from any threats online should be your number one priority every time you perform updates and maintenance checks. It can be very complicated for new business website owners but there are a few things you need to do to make sure that your website is safe and secure from threats online. […]

How To Avoid Slow Loading Pages Under Heavy Web Traffic Conditions

Businesses build their own website to gain popularity and widen their market reach through increasing traffic in their pages. While heavy web traffic is good for your business, it can sometimes cause challenges and irregularities if not handled properly. It can induce website crashes and slow loading speed and this may frustrate users when they […]

Marketing Trends And Strategies Used By Small Businesses 2020

The business industry has been experiencing some challenges due to the changes brought by unexpected events this year. And many have been trying to discover new ways on how to cope up with this situation. As a result, business owners were able to identify and hop on trends which will enable them to sell and […]

How To Write Your Website’s ‘About Us’ Information

One of the important elements that you need to include when building a website for your small business is your ‘About Us’ page. It is where your customers know more about what you are, the products and services you provide and your business history. Basically, it is a business profile every owner, no matter how […]

Why Do Small Businesses Need Someone To Do Tasks For Their Website

With the growth of technology, going out and about the internet has never been easier than before. Anyone is able to access their socials and stay aware and informed all the time. When it comes to website management, a lot of “How To” articles and videos have surfaced online teaching people how to do web […]

How To Update Your Website To Achieve Better SEO

We have talked a lot about how important updating your website is especially in this age where everything is changing and developing all the time. In order for you to keep your visitors interested and engaged with your business you also have to keep up with current trends. It is necessary to not become irrelevant […]