The Importance Of Web Security: Preventing Data Breach And Leakage

Worried About Data Breach And Leakage

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In the past months, issues of security breach on some websites came up in the news and it alarmed many people.

Website of the hotel chain Marriott was hacked and caused the leakage of around 5 million guests’ data. To add, MGM Grand’s website was also attacked by hackers and caused the data leakage of more than 10 million people.

If big establishments such as these known hotels had their website penetrated by black hats, how much more someone who just runs a small website for their business?

That is why here in HTTPSimple, we always highlight the importance of website security to prevent these kinds of events from happening to our clients.

With people working on your website and using the latest online security features, you can trust us in providing a safe internet experience for you and your customers.

Tyler Esworthy has some tips about cybersecurity and on how you could keep your website safe.

Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing efforts. You simply cannot afford to have it go down because of a security issue. We’ve put together these five tips for keeping your website safe and sound…

…Remember, website security is important and something you can control. Follow the tips outlined in this post and you will be in great shape. Conduct site maintenance on a regular basis to keep your website secure and performing as intended.

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By: Tyler Esworthy, Business 2 Community
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