Things To Consider When Choosing A Domain Name For Your Website

A domain name is basically your website name. Think of it as an address that users input on their URL bars to access your website. It is used for finding and identifying computers on the internet.

Computers use a series of numbers called an IP address but because it is difficult to remember these combinations, domain names are developed to easily identify entities on the internet. And choosing a domain name for your website is more important than you think. Because aside from giving identification to your site, it also contributes to the communication of information from your server to your visitors.

So here are things you might want to consider when choosing your domain name.

Your domain name should be concise and clear. Long and complex domain names might cause some trouble when your users are trying to remember your site. A domain name can go up to 63 characters including letters, numbers and hyphens. But having your site named for 17 characters or more, three to four dictionary words not including ‘https://www’ and ‘.com’, might be too long. When choosing a domain name, make sure to include just the most important words that could represent your brand or business.

You should also be creative when choosing your domain name. Creative domain names are most likely to be remembered by visitors. The more unique your domain name is, the easier it is for customers to remember it. There are tons of creative domain name generators that you can find online, but you can also create one for yourself. But don’t go extra because it might be too long or it can come out to be very peculiar that users or visitors might find it odd or weird. Make sure it is easy to read and put your heart and thought into it. Remember, your domain name does not just serve as an identifier, it also represents your brand and your company.

Optimization should also be considered when choosing a domain name for your website. Just like how you optimize your contents by using keywords and tags, you should also make sure that your domain name is searchable and easy to find. You can do this by adding one or two keywords on your domain name that could represent your business. There are various keyword search softwares and programs on the internet where you can look for words or tags that are relevant to your business and to your customers as well. This is important to make sure that search engines such as Google and Bing will put you on top of search results whenever a user looks for products and services that you may be offering. Optimization can drive and increase traffic to your website which can lead to purchases and sales.

It is also important to consider your domain name’s TLD or Top-level Domain. In simple terms, it is the ‘.com’, ‘.org’, ‘.net’ or ‘.biz’ and others. If you are a charitable organization, ‘.org’ might be the best TLD for you but for online businesses, ‘.com’ or ‘.biz’ is commonly used.

With a keyword-based name and a TLD, you can now buy a domain and register. The price varies depending on the hosting provider that you decide to use. You can buy it as soon as you sign up for a plan or purchase it from a dedicated hosting company or registrar.

HTTPSimple can be your web hosting partner when it comes to registering, maintaining or updating your website. We offer services that are perfect for business starters.

Here is an article for you to get an idea of how much a domain name really costs.

Domain name prices can vary significantly, with very cheap options possible (e.g. around £1, or for free when included with hosting or other web packages). And at the other end of the scale, the sky’s the limit for the most in-demand names, which can sell for millions of pounds!

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By: Scarlett Cook, Startups
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