Tips To Keep Your Website Optimized And Appear On Top Of Search Results

SEO or search engine optimization, as all website developers and digital marketing specialists know, is important to make sure that your business is present on the internet. And aside from appearing on top of search results, SEO also helps give your visitors a good and engaging experience every time they navigate through your web pages.

As more and more people use search engines such as Google and Bing to look for services and products, the importance and need of SEO for business websites has been crucial too.

Here are tips that you can use to make sure that your website is optimized and it generates traffic which is good for your business.

First is to make sure that all your web elements are updated and unnecessary contents are removed. Updating your website will help you achieve a faster loading speed and keep your contents fresh and relevant to your visitors. Slow loading sites may be less optimized and may result in lower search result rank. This is because search engines filter updated and reliable contents. To add, it can help your visitors navigate through your website easily. Customers have the tendency to leave if your site and its elements are loading slow. You can have your website managed and let your hosting provider do the updating for you but you can also do it yourself. You can find out how to do it by reading articles or video tutorials online.

Another tip is to make sure that you have keywords and tags in each of your pages. Keywords are relevant words that your users use to search for information online. There are available keyword search software and programs online you can refer to. Some are free but you need to pay for others. Keywords are filtered by search engines to find the most relevant pages to display every time a user searches for a product or service. You can add keywords on titles and subtitles as well as on blogs and articles that you post on your website. The key is to look for words that are connected to your business and the industry where your business belongs. Competition is heavy on the internet and you can up your game with keywords.

Another SEO tip is to use internal and external links on your content. Internal links are contents linked inside your website. On the other hand, external links are those that are linked to other websites. External links are usually opened on other tabs, while internal links are opened on the same tab of your website. This is to make sure that your uses or visitors stay on your website all the time. This is a SEO practice because other websites, especially bloggers, may get notified and link back to you. Which is helpful for exposure and in building trust for your company.

When uploading articles and newsletters, you need to make sure that what you write and post is relevant to your customers. Look for the most talked-about topics online and create contents about it. This helps in driving customers who are looking for the latest trend and information regarding the industry that you belong in. Writing articles that are important and helpful to your visitors will help you load traffic and eventually generate income from customers. More than creating contents for search engines, it is also important to write for those people who you intend to provide with your product or service.

Lastly, and the most important tip, is to track your progress all the time. Consolidate your website statistics every time you post content. Collect and analyze your data so that you will know what worked for you and what didn’t. This is crucial for improving your marketing plans and in recording your progress as a business entity. There are various analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, which you can use to track the traffic and engagements you made online.

Website updating and other website tasks may be a hassle for business owners who don’t really have experience when it comes to web development. And HTTPSimple, a dedicated web hosting company focused on maintaining and updating your website, is always ready to help you.

Here’s a guide you can use to help you audit your SEO. Check it out!

Carrying out an SEO audit can be significantly beneficial to your business, as you will be able to determine just how your SEO efforts are performing and working towards that shared goal of ranking higher within the search engines. The process allows you to review your website and highlight its strengths and weaknesses. Not only this, but it also provides an in-depth understanding of how the business appears within search results, thus identifying opportunities to improve user experience.

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By: David Wharram, CEO of Coast Digital
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