Web Hosting Services That Are Best For Starting And Small Businesses

If you are starting a website for your own business, one of the few important things you need to decide on is choosing where to host your website. It is where all of your website files are stored in one location.

There are various types of web hosting services that you can find online. But only the three most commonly used type of hosting by small and starting businesses will be discussed in this article.

First is Shared Hosting, the most budget-friendly one. As this is the cheapest hosting you can find online, this is perfect for new and small sites. It is also the easiest type of hosting but the thing is, it doesn’t load a large amount of traffic. So if you are planning to generate a lot of traffic, shared hosting is not for you. With shared hosting, hundreds — even thousands — of websites share space on a server provided by the hosting company. Managing your website will also be a lot easier because dashboards and control panels are available which can help you maneuver around your website with ease. However, since it is shared, viruses and malware from a website on the same server may infect one another. It could also cause slow loading times especially if other websites you share the server with are generating a big number of traffic.

If you want a host or server that you could use for your own website, you can opt for a Dedicated Server Hosting. Here, you can buy a server which you can use for a single website or share with your network sites. It eliminates all the cons of shared hosting but you may have to pay more. You can have as much traffic as you want without the concern of slow loading pages and it is more secure. A rough estimate of the price could go from $50 up to three digit values monthly. If you are starting your business and digital marketing is your main selling strategy, you may opt for this one.

If you want a professional working on your website or you want your pages maintained and updated without bothering you, this hosting service is the best for you. This also a type of shared hosting but it would worry you less. Your hosting provider will do all the updates and maintenance of your website. Security checks will be performed as well as other tasks and services that you want done on your website. Managed hosting would be perfect for businesses whose websites are starting to get complicated. It ensures the best customer and service support and skillful staff will be working on your website. Most managed hosting providers use WordPress as their tool to maintain and update your website. It would cause as much as high-end shared hosting but your only job is to focus on content and business marketing.

HTTPSimple offers quality and affordable managed hosting service. We can build, update and maintain your website. We can also perform various tasks dedicated to your needs and tailored to your business’ demand.

Here are some tips you can use when choosing a hosting service for your business.

Finding the right web host to work with is as essential as creating your site. Thus, consider these factors before you move on to more specific ones. All it takes is a little bit of online research to find the information that you need. Good luck!

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By: Juliette Anderson, HostReview
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